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DEAR Achenyo, I have come to an amazing realization. We do everything big. We love big, we fight big, we dream big, we entertain big….it’s part of our personalities, and frankly, I am not going to feel sorry for it anymore. We have been through so much. We have built a relationship together in spite of coming from broken homes. ...


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Anyone who has lived in Lagos longer than 12 months understands how crazy it is to live in Lagos. Before I came to Lagos, I had the opportunity of living in various cities of Nigeria. From North to East and to the South as well. For most of my 20s I had a perfect fairy-ideal ...


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We had been negotiating with our partners all day. The situation was desperate, and tempers were frayed. I don't like to raise my voice, but these guys were driving me crazy, with their unreasonableness. We were getting nowhere. Then one of my team members, a young lawyer, whispered in my ear, "why don't we ask for ...

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