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In a classroom filled with students, a tiny mouse ran across the room and scared the class teacher and students. It quickly disappeared and hid itself so it couldn’t be found. The class teacher called on one of her students to find the mouse. The entire class was shocked on her choice of student. Why? Well the fact ...


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Successful marketers, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals must think like con-artists to gain the confidence of their clients, attract new prospects and eventually become rich doing what they love. But exactly how does a successful con-man think? To answer this all-important question in order to write this post from an insider’s point of view, I sought the ...


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I used to love wandering around as a kid. Together, my brothers and I would wander around our village during the holiday seasons of Easter and Christmas till we felt certain we were lost and in a previously unexplored path deep in the forest. Then as darkness approached we would find our way back home ...


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Einstein’s Theory of Relativity proves that time is relative. For most guys, time spent with travelling on a plane with a beautiful friendly girl is much faster than time spent with a crying baby as a passenger. So the whole idea of time management is also quite relative. I find that reading books is really about superior ...

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