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Funny thing about loss is that we think we can move past it.. We say we are looking at the future, at what it holds but yet we still unsure of that future everytime.

I am bad at remorse or consolation or guilt or any other feeling associated to losing but I can’t help to feel things like this, i can’t but want to help.. I’m not a sociopath, I feel pain, I love, I cry, I hurt.. But I have a side that never shows this things.

Loosing someone is really hurting, we can’t move on from that, we can only create a future where that person no longer exists if not, every single action you take or make will always and constantly remind you of that person. I haven’t lost someone so dear to me, so I might not really understand people who have but I have been heartbroken and I have been a situation where I have to let that person I love go, it’s the same as saying that person is dead.

I created a future without that person in it, I found happiness again and I was made anew, I still remember that person, but I’m happy now. So the right thing is.. Don’t move on, don’t try to forget, don’t think or hate God for taking that person away, we are the architects of our own future, You Create a future without them and know deep down they are happy with your decision because the dead can’t judge.


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