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Recently i was engaged in a group converstaion with alot of mothers. The same  concern was shared… Moral values being passed to our children via various forms of media.

Parties that are meant to be fun and exciting are gradually loosing meaning for this generation of children. The clowns who are there to entertain speak poorly, our children are dancing like smaller versions of the adults seen in music videos.

As a society in my opinion, we are loosing the values of childhood memories. There is an increasing awareness of sexuality amongst younger children. It baffles me when parents are cheering on at parties and they are not cheering children who are dancing decently but children who are winding and shaking. This act for me clearly shows we have thrown away our values.

As an educator, it is not okay to cheer children dancing like they are walking out Of a music video. The message you are passing to that child pshcologically is the fact that it is ok to be an adult or see yourself as an adult when they are just 6 years old. What we should be doing is discouraging children who dance in this manner. And most importantly let children be children.

Now the question is how healthy is this to a growing child? It flags a red light. Red light that makes children aware of themselves sexually. It is okay for chilren to be aware of themselves and be confident but not in a sexual manner.

Recently i read a post on facebook…. A parent took her children to a party and there was a dancing competition. The lady says a particular girl was dancing in a very provocative manner. A child about 7 years old; unconsciously a guy sitting next to her uttered a sexual statement about the girl. And she said she screamed at that guy and asked he should be thrown out of the party. Now that is utterly disgusting and cannot be justfied.

Parents always ask how this trend can be changed. Its simple and easy. There is alot of music for children; soundtracks from children movies and tv series. We can start by taking out all the music the djs play at the parties. Listening to some of the lyrics from those songs do we really want our children listening to these things?

The music played at these parties are for adults. The lyrics are all about women, money, alcohol. I dont think these are the values we want for our children.

At the end of the day it comes down to the principles and values we want instilled in our children. As parents we must bear in mind that values and principles instilled in our children must be wholistic. It cuts across every area of development for your kids. The mind of a child is like a sponge it absorbs every  information and trend it sees easily….. Let us always have this in mind when next we cheer this ridiculous music video dancing in parties. We are only telling our children it is okay to be sexual!!!!

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  • Winnie
    October 29, 2015

    it begins with the foundation, if parents actually monitors the channels that their kids watch,I think it can be curtailed.And its not just dancing, what of the clothes?

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