I could have sanity for breakfast and yet I’m still more unstable than a mental person. I stare at you all the time and I still ask myself why we are over. Why are we trying so hard to be friends that we never were?

I look at you and all I wanna do is hug you, kiss you and tell you I want you back in my life because you are the light of my world but I can’t, no I won’t because I want you to feel this way about me, I’m tired of this one sided love story.

So if it’s friendship you want, then it’s friendship you’d get. Because I’m gonna prove to you that people would kill to have what you’ve got, I give you enough room to breathe but it’s like you want me to go away, you want me to leave. And me being the pathetic fool who still wants you can’t leave.

I just want to be by your side and be happy with you but I don’t think I can anymore because lately it’s hard for me to breathe. I breathe in… I breathe out… But yet It feels like I’m suffocating.

This is depression. I’m drowning yet I’m breathing.. I’m unstable but who’s fault is that? I’m done making excuses for you, I’m done trying to please you. I’m done concluding anything for you. I’m done. I’m just done.

You are no longer my happiness, you’re now a shadow of it and I’m letting you go. If you want me, you know your path to my heart.


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Still finding a way…

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