He Saves Me, He Saves You

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Standing at the threshold
I see the offloading.
He has just delivered on some promises.
Timely. He always is.
Of His reliabilty, I am ever sure.
He saves me.

The air that reinvigorates.
When did I get here? How did I get here?
Not so long ago, I had no glow.
My balance of self esteem, ran quite low.
Bitter. Resentful. Jealous. Angered!
He saves me.

Capacity under construction.
The dream will crush me. It will crush anyone.
But He needs a man. So He chose me.
The seed needed a carrier. He put it in me.
It will surely grow too big for this space.
“I’ll build you”, He told me to my face.
He saves me.

Now. Then. Everytime.
He saves me. He saves you.

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