I Am Woman

I am woman
Formed by God from a man formed by God
Born to glorify God
born to help-meet my Adam
I am woman, Ishah, Eve, Woman

I am woman
Washed by the blood
Born of water, Born of the Spirit of the Second Adam
I am woman

I am a woman, I am Eve I am Mother
I am woman then daughter and sister and wife
I am woman

I am woman
Anointed Queen
I am a Queen
Fearless Queen
My Lord The King, He lives in me
My husband my King I live with him
I am Queen
I am fearless He has freed me to live
I am free from fear free from pain,
free from trouble and free from that burden of sin!
My Lord, HE is THE KING

I am Queen
I am loving, tender, firm, sweet, giving
I am strong
Call me Mamma call me Sister Call me Wifey or Aunty; Call me Granny Call me Sisi, if you like call me Bae
I am Queen

I am Queen, mistress of my domain
Servant to Jesus love and character
I love you, I honour you,
I will point Him to you
And speak the truth of HIM to you

I am woman I am Queen
Believer and thus child of God
Child of God you hear me?!
Child of God
By name and DNA!
Ha ha!
I am freed for His glory
Freed for peace and joy and hope and love
Because He has freed me
And I am free indeed‎

Image Credit : thafreebird

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  • Saratu Momoh Aliyu
    April 12, 2016

    Without a woman, the world is worthless living in. I am a woman and very proud at that!

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