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“but then in this abnormal thing called LOVE, the one we both share is something I’d never give up… It’s not normal but then it’s our love and I wanna share it with you… Nothing changes the way I feel about you – B. Tira”

So my favorite person in the world gave me an idea to write a series, so I’d be posting in parts.. I don’t know how to relate my emotions to what you’re going through but I find peace in pouring out my feeling into writing…

part 1 – I DON’T REGRET

I sit down in my bedroom going through my notes and books, trying to while away time and not think of you, I found your book and a tear dropped..

That Tear signifies that I miss you, I’m not sad but I’m not happy. I miss you sincerely but I can’t do anything about it. I read the book from the beginning to the end, as slow as I can but that didn’t stop the book from ending.. Just like we are ending

I think of what we were and what we are and what we’ve sacrificed in this relationship or situation.. We’ve given each other so many chances and now we’re going through this huge changes and I might not say it loud but I’m scared of loosing you.

I don’t regret you, I don’t regret asking for space, I don’t regret breaking your heart, I don’t regret leaving you behind in December, I don’t regret sharing my secrets with you, I don’t regret loving you, I don’t regret making you my one and only, I don’t regret you, I don’t regret us… I regret the monster that about to be unleashed.


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Still finding a way…
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  • Tobi
    June 17, 2015

    My little Debster,this is beautiful. You tried,you tried. Clap for yourself.

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