Infra Dig or Pride

My heart is lifted
Now I battle with pride
Vanquished is my former foe
Sadness and
Much worse grief

And now I spar on
This war
My lover my rival
My rival my friend
My friend my lord
My lord my lover
Seemingly never ending
Yet I trust in Abba Father
Knowing He is my strength
And why not
He rises with healing in His wings

This pride
How do I separate it
Of dignity which I need
And must keep
Of confidence which needs be present
In wisdom
Which the fear of God bestows
Of humility which tastes like crow
But never kills

How do I separate it
I need to remain standing
Proud to stay my ground
Yet yield in trust
In true submission
To love’s ideal

I need to soar
I will not be clipped
Show me the way
To get it right

I can trust Him
I can be me for me
I can be me for him
Not by me or him
But by Him

Photo Credit : morethanuseless

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