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I must testify. It’s been a journey. We are all on a journey, but still a lonely one. I wish this weren’t the case. But I’ve learnt it probably ought to be so.

Most haven’t learnt this. Sometimes even I, forget. So we constantly are trying to fill the silence. Seeking the opinions and approvals of others. Seeking the opinions and approvals of those seeking opinions and approvals as well. For a brief moment, consider how insightful such opinions and approvals could be. I’d let you be the judge of that.

What then must we do? First, we must understand the nature of the journey. We must know where the path leads.

If Christ dwells within, and we are to constantly fix our gaze on him (as in a mirror to be transform into his likeness). Does that suggest that the direction of our path leads inward?

We cannot truly step into other people’s lives and totally “get them”. Could this be the reason no one else can truly come in and totally “get us”?

So, what then? Maybe we could ‘borrow’ (as if we’ll return it) a Fundamental Leadership Principle; ‘Leadership is about creating an enabling/empowering environment for others to do their best work’. Great! How nice of ‘Leadership’ to give us that principle (I guess he’s trying to provide an enabling environment for us – Selah).

Now, we have that in our ‘thinking tool box’, let’s use it. On our journey, could it be that all we can truly offer each other (through friendships, acquaintances, marriages, family, etc.) is simply to provide an enabling environment to be one’s self and to pursue one’s path? Is this all I should expect from others? Maybe it’s all we need from others. Maybe it’s all we can provide others.

Now, back on my journey. Keep your opinions and approvals. Yes, it’s quiet. Yet, I embrace the silence. Focused. Time passes. Accelerating. Inward. Oh, sweet Lord Jesus, I’m sorry I went the other way at all.

It’s not as lonely as it was. Somewhere on my journey, I’ve Encountered Love. I’ve Learnt Hard Work (phew, boy was that hard). I Gained Awareness. Picked-Up some coins of Humility (sort of like in Sega Sonic, you have to keep picking them up to attain higher levels. If you don’t know Sega Sonic, think Super Mario. If you still don’t know Super Mario, I’m sorry I can’t help you).

As my life’s experience is constrained in chronological time, needless to say (or type), I really can’t wait to see the ‘me’ of say, fifty years from now. I’d be in my mid 70s (yaay, you guessed right). Who would that guy be? If I am currently nothing like I was when I was fired from my job exactly four years ago today. Wow!

Who would you be? Still seeking the opinions and approvals of others? Seriously, com’on!

If you need approval so much, ok here, you now have my approval. Can you get on you journey now? Inward!


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