Like A Drug In My Veins

Like a drug in my veins
You’re filling my brain
But never enough
You’re never enough.
…Time spent with you I mean
I can’t get enough

I draw on you
When I’m in your arms
Or near you
I’ll get me some of you
Enough to last forever
I breathe in in your scent
It lingers in my mind, my head,
It lingers in my senses
It lingers for ever
But its never enough

I’m reaching and reaching
And enjoying you
A lot more than I’d bargained for
But not ever nearly enough
Filling, yet still wanting more

How do I say this?
I can’t get enough of you.
It’s enough but not enough

‘Like Toni, “I’d love me some you”.
To keep forever
To feel continuously
“I’d love me some you”
And never want anymore.

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