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Just another phase of love that took the pain away, the pain of loneliness, the pain of depression, the pain of insecurities.

Love hurts, I relied on that phase of love, unknown to me, that’s it’s my heart that needs a surgery, it wasn’t that kind of love I need.. I needed peace, I need to love myself, I needed tranquility.. But most of all, I needed to be happy.

I stared at myself in the mirror today and I asked if I was happy with myself.. Silence overwhelmed me, taking the place of my answer, I was unsure yet again.. Unsure of my own true feelings. So I lied to the reflection of myself in the mirror and said “I’m fine”

RIP to that girl who used to to be in love, that girl who looked for true love, who believed in true love, that girl who’s heart was filled with happiness, she died and I mourned her and I’m over her..

This new beginning, love can go its way, I ain’t gonna be the other woman to any man, not anymore.  I decided to give all of me to me. I chained my heart in vain, never asking why..

Have you ever had a day, lets call it a “love day”, where you did everything that your heart desired? There’s something so rewarding in loving yourself and doing the things that excite you and allow that feeling to guide you. We all deserve to live a life of love and happiness. I am having a love day.


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