“Love leaves a legacy. How you treated other people, not your wealth or accomplishments, is the most enduring impact you can leave on earth.” – Rick Warren

Ephesians 3:18 (AMP)
That you may have the power and be strong to apprehend and grasp with all the saints [God’s devoted people, the experience of that love] what is the breadth and length and height and depth [of it];

One fateful evening, he summoned the courage and put a call through to his home. The phone rang twice before someone finally picked.
“Hello, this is The Coleri’s residence.”
The voice of his mum brought back so many memories as it was almost 5 years since he’d been home.
“Hey mum, it’s me”. Brad had barely finished saying it was him calling when his mum reeled with so much joy and happiness on hearing his voice, asking questions upon questions. It was obvious she had missed her only son.
“Mum I’m coming home next week but would be coming with a friend who’s lost both his legs in the war. He’s an orphan and has no where to go”.
They had spoke for a little over a couple of minutes but it seemed it was over an hour as he tried to let her concur to him offering help to his friend by allowing him be a part of the family but his mother’s response wasn’t encouraging. She told him how she could not deal with housing and catering for a cripple. Three days later, Mr and Mrs Coleri received the most shocking news of their lives. Their only son had committed suicide because he could not handle the fact that he was paralyzed. He left a note which read, ” I tried to tell you mum but still you rejected me.”

The number of people who take their lives on a daily basis is disturbing. It’s so touching to see that most of these people, who are mostly young people, either had low self esteem issues or were not loved or were rejected. If only, if only they were shone just a little bit of love, affection, consideration, they might not have taken their lives. It hurts me to hear of kids who lived their lives bullied at and the only solution was to end up taking their lives because the parents or guardians of such bullies got it all wrong with raising their children and wards. Yes, we know suicide is a dumb thing to do but we can make the world a better place and prevent people from giving into those suicidal thoughts. The reasons for which people take their lives are usually very trivial and things that could have been dealt with but when people feel unloved they do not think properly nor see that things can get much better. It’s easy for hopelessness to creep in when people are not receiving love.

Friend, only the message of true love that God sent to us through Christ Jesus can get people saved when they believe it. That message can transform a die-hard serial killer into a saint, let alone what it will do to you and I if only we’ll be willing to allow the simple truths of the gospel that saved us run our lives. When the gospel really arrests a person’s soul it becomes easy to show love to everyone you come across and to see the next person as your neighbour. Mrs Coleri lost her son all because she wasn’t ready to show love and give a helping hand to a cripple. What she did not know was that it was her own son who was actually crippled. Let’s examine ourselves. Do we open our hearts to others or are there people who we see as being so much in a bad shape that we get irritated at their condition and pull away from? Do you love only those who love you, who are in your circle of friends or are members of your family? How much can the length, breadth, width and height of the love we show accommodate? How broad are the dimensions of our love? You and I are debtors. We owe this world love. It’s what the world needs so badly in order to become a better place for everyone to live in. 


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