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“We receive by faith and we keep it by faith.” – Benny Hinn

Romans 1:17c
The just shall live by faith.

We have a lot of connection with the way things are done in the ungodly world around us today chiefly due to the media. The media can be used for right purposes but if we’re not careful, there is the tendency to swallow the culture being paraded before our eyes and sung into our ears. As people who fear God and are called by His name we have a totally different way of doing things. First let me speak to young people and all those who are unmarried right now. Friends, when it comes to selecting or accepting someone to spend the rest of your life with, do not forget that we live by faith. Do not just allow your eyes, ears and feelings make a decision for you. We thank God for the human senses but faith works in the heart. Make a decision that any day and any time you can boldly say you know God has His approval on it because you were guided by the Word of God and you acted in faith as you decided.

We live by faith. Faith isn’t just something we apply when there’s trouble. It’s something that without it what we have isn’t a christian life because the life of a christian is a life of faith. The relationship of a believer should be run by faith. If you’re in a relationship and you want it to prosper and flourish, what you need is to flow in faith as you deal with each other. Faith means that we comply with what is written in scriptures. Faith means that we live in sync with what the Word of God says. Run your home, marriage and/or relationship by what the Word says. This is how our relationships prosper. I treat you the way God prescribes and you should treat me same way. Enjoying your relationship will be a normal thing when we seek to prosper our relationships by learning God’s Word and allowing scriptures directly guide us in our loving each other. We are the just and we live by faith. That means that we eliminate death in all its forms by a lifestyle of faith. Death is what thrives where there is no life. We can therefore say that death thrives where there is no faith. Death has various forms: sickness, failure, fear, poverty etc. All these are what one has in their relationship when they do not flow in faith.

What is faith? Faith is relentlessly keeping oneself fixed on what God says. You and I keep our relationships free and safe from all the forms of death by ensuring that we engage the principles of faith in our relationship. Faith helps us say yes to God and say no to the devil. When we’re steadfast in faith we’re able to reject Satan’s offers and we’re able to stop his advances. Faith is what makes us stay faithful to God and to each other. We know we should not and cannot do certain things because we are a people who have believed in the light. Faith is why we do not treat each other harshly and wickedly. God wants us to love each other. We have received the capacity to be so loving and we’ll keep operating in that love because we are a people of faith. We know there’s a reward for every activity of faith, for everything we do because of our confidence in God and what He says.



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