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“Everywhere you look you see people searching for love… but they’re looking in the wrong places. God is love, and they will never find what they’re looking for until they find Him.” – Joyce Meyer

Matthew 11:28-13 (ISV)
28 “Come to me, all of you who are weary and loaded down with burdens, and I will give you rest.
29 Place my yoke on you and learn from me, because I am gentle and humble, and you will find rest for your souls,
30 because my yoke is pleasant, and my burden is light.”

Love is magical. Love is real. Love is like a bug that bites and leaves a patch that tickles when you rub on it. Love is as much a question of the will as it is of the emotions. Love is life. Love is pain. Love is wicked, blah blah blah. On and on, I could go and list the different ways we see and hear people describe their perception of love everyday. Almost every word in the dictionary can be used by someone to explain what love means to them. The search for love is so hot, yet love is something many people still can’t place right. Many of them have become weary from their search. They have lost their sense of decency and for such there are no rules anymore when it comes to this matter. They are heavily burdened with their restless craving to be loved. Yes, everyone yearns directly or indirectly to receive or experience love. If sold in the market, love is that one commodity that would sell faster than food, groceries and anything else would.

Everyone wants to be loved, everyone wants to have the love of their lives, someone they share their intimate thoughts and moments with, share their joys and aspirations with, share their good and bad times with etc. As a result, they do anything to attract love to themselves in whatever way they can. Some are ready to go as far as dressing up in clothes that barely cover the sensitive parts of their bodies. Others just want to make sure they get wealthy by whatever means possible. Many people in our day and time go to any length to find someone to satisfy their inner craving for love. After a while such people in their desperation do really find someone, believe they’ve found love and they get married. But they soon discover that the happily ever after dream eludes them. They begin to have serious issues and consequently separate. That’s one of the ways the number of divorce has risen as high as it is today. They call it ‘falling out of love.’ The whole fantasy they were wrapped in vanishes. They go separate ways and wish they never married. My friend, love is not a rush of emotions. Love is not the release of sex hormones. Love is first and foremost spiritual.

To know true love and to enjoy the most exciting love of your life, you would have to first choose the path that God gave to us through His son Christ Jesus. We don’t find love in others. Today’s Bible passage shows us Jesus saying for everyone to come to Him. The love you enjoy in a relationship is a function of the love you bring into that relationship. What did you think? Of course, a relationship doesn’t mysteriously produce love. Love is not in a boy or a girl, in a man or a woman. No, God is love. Until God’s love impacts your heart and transforms the condition of your internal environment, you have not found love. You may be married and that won’t matter. Love is spiritual. It’s something that flows from the deposit the Spirit of God has made in your heart. Love is being willing to lay your life down as a sacrifice in your dealings with others. When you’re walking in love it will seem many times as if you’re the fool. Never mind. It doesn’t matter what it looks like to the world. What matters is that you have found and are experiencing true love. Do you still want love?


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