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By Ogbonnaya Emmanuel

When I said I’d marry you
I meant every single word
Despite the shakings now
To you I’ll make my vow

I’m satisfied with you
Not going elsewhere
Some may not like you today
My choice is that you’ll stay

Soon they’ll change their minds
I’m looking at things that aren’t seen
My eyes are fixed on eternal treasures
I’ll not succumb to man’s pressures

Relax, money and better things are coming
If Jesus tarries, nations will queue to host us
Mark my words, you’ll recall I said it
These things will happen by the Spirit

With us God wants to raise a great church
The Spirit’s doing something in our time
I’m humbled He’s included us in the plan
What an honour when God recruits man

So, brace up, cheer up and look up
Tighten your belt and be strong
Our journey of purpose has begun
With certainty, to obtain the prize we run

Join me, let’s bless this world together
T o finish my course is my one desire
His grace and mercy I’ve worn as a strap
All that was gain to me I’ve equated to crap

May the Spirit help us seek Him always
May His work prosper in our hands
May we go the miles and reach the isles
Till He receives us with boundless smiles

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