Stand Still Or Take it?

We are in transit on our way to work, Archie and I when we were asked to bring out our fare. I think it was ₦ 150.00 (that’s one hundred and fifty naira). Archie brings out ₦ 500.00 and asks the guy next to us to give us his ₦ 200 so the 500 covers three people’s fares and the driver gives the guy ₦ 50.00 as his change. Following?

When the driver is giving back passengers their change, we notice he hasn’t sent back the young lad’s change (by young lad, he’s like 25 I think-I’m getting old) so Archie starts asking the driver for it. Imagine a Lagos bus with that kind of music and grinding sounds- with that kind of combo, who needs noise? Well, we can’t hear what the driver is saying so we keep asking- Archie and myself.

Finally, we decipher that the driver’s saying he doesn’t owe the guy change. And he’s shouting in the Yoruba language (I wonder why they can never be calm? Just asking). The next thing I know, the people on my row of seats and the row in front of us start saying the driver owes the change and ask him to return it. In fact, we were the first persons who paid in the bus being at the back row.

In all that time, I notice that the guy who owns the change doesn’t say a word; he doesn’t ask for his change; he doesn’t shout for his change; he doesn’t join us as we blast the driver (I didn’t blast him though). He just keeps quiet while we defend the right to the freedom of his ₦ 50.00 change. Initially, I’m upset because I’m like why can’t he ask for his change himself? Maybe he hears me; maybe he doesn’t but he doesn’t say a word.

Finally when we get to our stop and we get down, the driver says he doesn’t have the change o. Then he says “50 naira, remain o; 50 naira remain o; I no get change”. So as we all get down from the bus, the young silent man gets into the row of seats behind the driver and I hear him asking for his change.

And suddenly, I get it. The Lord will fight for you and you shall hold your peace; that’s Exodus 14:14. Hold your peace means to be still, and quiet, and easy in your minds, and forbear saying or doing anything; “be silent”; and neither express the fear and distress of their minds, by any mournful sounds, that’s Gills Commentary (I studied it o). It means being at peace and remaining at rest. Matthew Poole’s commentary describes it as a situation where you contribute nothing to the victory, neither by your words nor by your deeds; for this Hebrew word signifies a cessation not only from speech, but from action too, See, that’s what the young man was doing and that’s what I wish for myself this year. He didn’t have to do anything because we did it for him! God’s going to make sure you hold your peace and people you don’t know will just want to help you just because you wore the striped shirt or you like Chelsea (what’s happening to them by the way?). I think this year, you shouldn’t do much with your own strength. You have to trust God and walk in faith. With your strength, you can’t prevail over everything. You just need some people to take an interest and like you and do what will take you 10 years to do. For example, someone I ordinarily wouldn’t be able to see on my own without being number ten thousand on the waiting list sees me with just one phone call from another person I happened to meet who liked my drive. That’s what I’m talking about.

But then, it also occurred to me that when it’s time to take what’s yours, those people aren’t going to be there to help you take it. Deuteronomy 1:8 says it succinctly Look, see what’s yours before you; Go and take it. (Paraphrase mine) You have to go in there by yourself and get it. Like the young man had to take his change himself while we got off at our destinations, when it’s time for you to meet that Director who’ll give you the contract, you’ve got to pitch your self in that you’ll be hard to miss.

David didn’t have to fight Saul for his throne; the people wanted him as King and anointed him but then he had to let the crown or scepter be put on his head or in his hands.

God says it’s all for your taking so take what’s yours because some devils (driver, no vex) are going to want to stress you but eventually, guess what? You still get what’s yours except you forfeit it (and that depends on how valuable that 50 naira is to you)

So what’s it going to be for you? When are you going to hold your peace? And when are you going to take what’s yours?


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  • Gabriel Aiyegbo
    January 8, 2016

    I enjoy your writings, but this was a full dose to run this new year with. Thank you for this insider. God bless your pen

  • Utin Archibong E.
    January 13, 2016

    Wow, I haven’t stopped sharing this lesson. This is an eye opener that we are on the mind of God. We are on His radar. We don’t have to passive participants to get what God has prepared for us, we have to TAKE it. From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force. I am so TAKING IT o violently (lol). Beautiful post.

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