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You have probably met and known many different people in your life. Most of them may simply be acquaintances, while others you might consider friends. Of course, not all of them can be considered friends. I would consider someone a friend if I can confide and trust him/her, and with whom I can share my hopes and dreams. A friend for me is one who is there not only through the good times, but also the badthrough thick and thinsomeone who will not desert you when the going gets tough.

Growing up in a Christian home, we were taught different bible stories which included the story of David and Jonathan. Of course, the story was about David but a story of true friendship. As a teenager, I liked it. As I grew older, I envied it. Why? you ask….because it is so rare. Their friendship had God’s aura all over it. They could have been enemies and rivals, yet they set aside jealousy, resentment, bitterness, competition and lust for power, choosing instead to become the closest of friends. They knew how and when to laugh, cry, show their emotions, share hopes and dreams together, thereby cementing their friendship forever. They were real men, who understood what it meant to lay down their lives for one another. So great was their friendship that at one of their partings, “they wept together, but David more so” (I Sam. 20:41). It is the kind of bond we can describe as something thicker than is a relationship called Friendship.

Back to our world today, we have several kind of friendships but everyone longs for the David and Jonathan kind of friendship. The friendship based on pure genuine love, sacrifice, and loyalty. The friendship that makes you put the person needs before yours, the kind of friendship that is not hinged on rules and principles. The kind of friendship that has God’s aura all around it is our deepest desire. We long for it but our selfish, untrusting nature won’t let us practice or even accept it and even when you accept it, we try to manipulate it to our advantage.

This is one of many reasons why true friendships are rare. We are so consumed by the circle of life that we fail to enjoy the perks that goes along with it. We just drift through life. We fail to realize that it’s our commitments that shape our life. Most times its at the point of commitment that most people miss God’s gift of friendship. We miss out when we make half-hearted commitments to the laughter of a friend during a conversation, the look of surprise on a friend’s face, that tight squeezing long hug from a longtime seen friend, the scream of a friend over a phone call or the plenty thanks and genuine appreciation in our voice when they do something unexpected.

True relationship, a real friendship is more than friendly words, more than fun, more than affinity. It is giving. Give room to accommodate each other flaws, nobody is perfect but most of all, Love wholeheartedly so when you no longer see or communicate, when life interferes, you can look back and smile, knowing you gave your all…what more is satisfyingly satisfying than self-fulfillment with fond memories…? By all the rules, Jonathan should have hated and envied David and set his efforts toward sabotaging David’s ascent to the throne, but, as the text plainly says in 1Samuel 20:17b, “He loved David as himself.”

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