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Another day, unsure of what we are. I guess I have come to terms with the fact that this time it’s gonna be different, it’s gonna be longer. You won’t be telling me you love me or telling me you miss me and want me back.

Today I said goodbye by kissing you, I dunno but I guess I have finally realized that I’m loosing the battle of your love, of your heart. If I do change, who am I changing for? It’s you. But if I don’t have you, what’s the use of changing?

Today I realized I’m turning into your crazy ex, when you said she made a book for you, I’m also doing that, I haven’t gotten to the stage of stalking all your lovers, unfortunately but if I don’t take care, I would.

You’re working on yourself but this week I don’t really understand. Are we meant to be that close? We became closer and yet we are on a break. You kept on singing about a lot of things and my mind picked the ones it wanted and I wished you were singing it for me.

I know I have lost my mind. But space turns me into a different person, a person you like, a person you want. A no string attach lover and because I want a little bit of that, I’ve accepted that, I’ve put myself below and humbled myself and I’m playing along with the game. I hope I don’t over play this role and end up heartless with no emotions for you.


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Still finding a way…
  • Achenyo Blessing Alfa
    June 4, 2015

    Yeh! What a short but powerful piece Way to go.

    Well done!

  • Deborah Sanni
    June 4, 2015

    Awww. Thank you very much dear. I’m new at this, so please endure the fact that it’s short
    Achenyo Blessing Alfa

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