Social Media, Strategies and Sales

Social Media, Strategies and Sales

Have you ever tried to figure out what best you can do to attract more sales and increase your brand awareness from your social media platforms? Or have you made more sales and you feel like the innovators of these platforms deserve some accolade from you?  Social media can be that good friend to you if you understand it well.

Your first step to extending this hand of friendship is to understand your reason for selecting a particular platform, understand their functionality and know your target audience and their behavioural patterns. Remember when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable.

Social Media Monitoring Tools

Having known your target audience. The most important aspect of increasing your social media interactions is listening to your audience. It is not enough to just post any content on a channel. Take the time to implement a monitoring service like Hootsuite that will check your performance. This is the beginning of understanding your audience’s responsiveness and needs, which should help you tailor your contents to their needs. Before you start to dump contents  and links you need to understand the needs of your target audience to help drive interactions.

With that being said, you might have a good start but staying consistent, committed and your willingness to adapt to your audience’s needs is what will help continuous engament with your target market. So create contents that are valuable and engaging. Do your due diligence on the current landscape and tailor contents you believe your target audience will perceive as valuable content with perspective. That way you can woo them into doing business with you.  

 People do not have the time to look high and low and figure out how to socially communicate with you so consider linking your social media profiles to your website, and your email signature. Think of your social media links integrated on your website and email signature as a call to action – “Let’s talk over here…”

Chances are you’ll have to juggle through various social media networks, trying to decide what to post. A calendar of content will help to relieve the tension. Schedule your contents either weekly or monthly whichever works for you. Add your upcoming events, blog post, and any other business activity into your calendar. This keeps your social media presence organized.

Optimize your social media accounts using keywords for engagement. Add relevant keywords and hashtags to your poststo build traffic. Do not finish every post with 15 unrelated hashtags.

Remember the African proverb that when you thank someone for what he has done he will be moved to do more. Appreciate your audience by engaging in giveaways, contest, short service trails, free e-books, discounts codes, games etc. Think about the end goal before you start a contest. Is that to raise awareness of what you’re doing? If it does, adapt the contest to it. And pick the pathway you want the audience to navigate. Pathways can be something along the lines of trying to follow social media, tweet, open a website, etc.

Ignoring customer satisfaction can be detrimental to your business. Respond to customers complaint quickly and efficiently in a professional manner. Customers are the lifeline of every business. If you want to develop and remain healthy in your business, you need to listen to whatever feedback your customers send you in their customer. . The whole point of collecting customer feedback and opportunities is to find out how to best offer what they most want, to boost loyalty and quality of service, and to increase engagement. Attracting a new customer costs six to seven times more than maintaining an current one. Having said all these, it is crucial that you grasp the rhythm of your audience, you will certainly maximize your possible engagement through your social media.

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