Chroniclestick is a team of creatives, communication professionals, developers, and strategists working with businesses to provide unique tailor-made brand marketing strategies and advisory; bringing their thoughts from mind pictures to reality.

Our primary focus is to keep improving the value of our services to our clients while helping everyone succeed. Our vision is to continually deliver cutting-edge solutions, tackle challenges, and celebrate victories together.

Our Solutions.


Communication can be tricky, and business communication even trickier. At Chroniclestick, we work with our clients to create and tell their stories articulately while building their brand values and image. We provide tailor-made brand marketing advisory and strategies for market awareness, noise, and momentum whenever and wherever needed. We’ll design a strategy that helps you decide who to talk to, when to talk to them, and how best to reach them with your goals in view.

and Printing

From design planning through to the finished products, Chroniclestick guarantees that our client’s satisfaction is our top priority. Whether it be designs, billboards, flyers, brochures, to anything in-between, Chroniclestick is prepared and well-versed at bringing your company’s story to life – Creating the seen from the unseen.

Web Design

It statistically takes only 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for a potential client to judge the quality of your website. With a glance, your potential client will determine whether or not your company is trustworthy and professional. Chroniclestick is a high quality and affordable communications company that gives your brand an attractive, secure and user-friendly digital face for the world to see.

and Branding

We undertake a deep analysis and create an in-depth positioning strategy that will move you out of the shadows and into the light in sync with your long-term or short-term goals. From the get-go, we conduct an audit (brand, market, competitor brand positioning, naming, trends) & infuse these insights into strategy. Hence, creating a road-map to guide how and what to communicate to meet your business objectives.

Mobile App
Design and

What we try to do isn’t to create a specific stage for desktops, tablets, smartphones, but to plan each app in a way that changes it’s format powerfully to fit each device. We help our clients center on the usefulness of each application, guaranteeing adaptability and soundness in each device. This will increase customer loyalty, enhance employee collaboration, and increase savings for your organization.


The discussion with your potential audience goes way past the digital environment, and communications are completely significant. At Chroniclestick we incorporate a distinctly human approach to business, by teaching your workforce how to integrate better with communications. We know that putting individuals before profits works magic to the baseline.

Our Portfolio.

We foster a strong culture of collaboration – not just internally, but with our clients. That’s how we create amazing products. Our tried and tested methods of working together are what our clients know us for and it’s why they’ve stayed with us thus far.

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